April 9, 2020 – The GEF is grateful to the Community Foundation of greater Richmond and donors for the extraordinary support to help students and their families during these extraordinary times. Thanks to the $36,000 in donations from the Community Foundation of greater Richmond and donors, the GEF is able to directly meet critical needs of our vulnerable students and families. The funds are being used to ensure no one goes hungry. Through the GCPS procurement process, we are able to provide meals cost-effectively and not put a drain on the families limited resources and the grocery stores. However, the need is growing quickly. We are serving more people every day. In just three weeks, the number of people served grew 150% and will only continue to grow. Please consider helping us to continue meeting this growing need. If you would like to donate to the GEF please click the Donate Online button below. Please donate online only. Due to social distancing, the office is closed. Donate Online

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