GEF Announces 2022 Strategic Innovation Grant Awards

On February 15, 2022, the Goochland Education Foundation Board of Directors presented the 2022 Strategic Innovation Grants to the recipients. Four grants were awarded, totaling nearly $15,000 dollars. The competitive grant process was shortened this year and the projects reflect the pandemic-related challenges as the schools transitioned back a regular schedule. They address reading loss, emotional needs, physical health needs, and support for art expression.

Ms. Cynthia Brown, Executive Director, stated that the GEF is excited to see the grants in action this year.  “The way the teachers responded to the Goochland Education Foundation’s challenge of ‘taking risks’ in order to reach new heights in innovative educational practices is exciting, especially after the last couple of very challenging years. All of the proposals reflected the GEF’s goal of providing visionary educational experiences that will help prepare the students for living and working in a fast-changing 21st century.”

These grants are an important part of the enriching programming the GEF supports to create deeper learning and new approaches to education in order to meet the constant changes the students face in the 21st century.

The GEF looks forward to watching the projects unfold over the school year, and the final product presentation in June, 2022, to see what the teachers and students will learn and how these new practices can be incorporated into regular instruction programming.

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