5th annual Essay Contest Finalists & Winners

The Goochland Education Foundation, Goochland Rotary, and the Center for Rural Culture collaborated to sponsor the 5th annual essay contest for 4th and 5th grade Goochland County School students.

The purpose of the annual essay contest is to encourage students to strengthen key 21st century skills. Each year focuses on a different topic, and this past school year provided a great opportunity to learn why students think it’s important to know where our food comes from. This was prompted by the local food boom and increase in backyard gardens during the pandemic.   

The winners were First Place Winner Ellen Gilman, 4th Grade, Hunter Steelman, Second Place Winner, 4th Grade, and Third Place Winner, Heidy Chaparro-Guiterrez, 4th Grade, all from Mrs. Ferguson’s class at Randolph Elementary School. Mrs. Ferguson used the essay contest as an opportunity for the students to meet with Carl Gupton of Greenswell Growers so they could get a better idea as to why it’s important to know where our food comes from and how to support local farmers. They also met with Mr. Danny Allen and his classes at Goochland High School for more background knowledge.  

A reception was held on April 12th when all the finalists were acknowledged and congratulated. The three winners read their essays. Chef David Booth and his culinary students provided another one of their delicious buffets of appetizers for all to enjoy.

Essay Contest Winners:
Ellen Gilman, First Prize
Hunter Steelman, Second Prize
Heidy Chparro-Guiterrez, Third Prize

The three essay contest winners with Dr. Raley, Christina Griffith, GEF Board President, Vern Fleming, Rotary Club of Goochland, Mike Newman, School Board, Becky Lillywhite and JoDe Davis, Center for Rural Culture.

Essay Contest Finalists:
Rachel Farkas
Hunter Steelman
Heidy Chaparro-Guiterrez

Landon Crowder
Nathan Sloan
Ellen Gilman

The six essay contest finalists with teachers Suzanne Taylor and Beth Ferguson.

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