Enrichment Programs

Summer STEM Camp

Thanks to the generosity of the community at large and local businesses, we’reĀ able to support Goochland’s Summer STEM Camp for elementary and middle school students. Building robots, investigating machines, and constructing electrical fuses are just a few of the hands-on activities that expose campersĀ to a variety of engineering fields.

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Greenhouse Project Expanded

Thanks to generosity of the John H. Wright Fund, middle and high school teachers will be able to add significant value to the curriculum in Biology, Agriculture and Ecology. The Fund will provide for capital expenses to add or expand lab facilities and materials in and around the 32’x60′ greenhouse, which was constructed to support STEM, Biology, and Agriculture classes for GHS and GMS.

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Wi-Fi Access Support

We are bridging the technology gap faced by students who lack home Internet access. Kajeet broadband devices provide qualified students with a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Students are able to connect to the web away from school to complete homework and projects so that they don’t fall behind their peers. The program also gives teachers an opportunity to enhance their lessons and not hold back on assignments because some students may not have Internet access at home.

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STEM Backpack Program

Thanks to support from Carmax, we are launching a new program designed to create equity in education, a cornerstone of GEF’s programming, by helping 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students develop/strengthen 21st century and STEM skills. Low- and high-tech activities ranging in biology, physics, chemistry, botany, aerodynamics, etc. will engage the student – and the family at home – in a richer educational experience. By ‘checking out’ the backpacks, this project will fit in with the ‘school-wide enrichment’ program, nurturing potential and bringing the entire family deeper into the learning experience.

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