To secure funding to support innovative learning opportunities for Goochland County Public School students.


Providing or expanding on innovative, visionary educational experiences designed to enrich and maximize the learning potential of Goochland County Public School students.


Core Values


Board of Directors

President – Christina Griffith, Consultants Specialist
Vice President – Mark Barth, Luck Companies
Treasurer – Adeeb Hamzey, Dominion Energy
Secretary – Kavis Winston, Dominion EnergyLiza Dameron, Community Volunteer
Ray Drinkwater, University of Richmond
Wray Mills, CapTech Ventures
Alison Raines, Gentry Raines Interior Design
Jay Shively, Henrico Education Foundation
Joe Street, Education Networks of America
Betsy Woolf, Community Volunteer

Cynthia Roe Brown, Executive Director

Ex-Officio Directors

Dr. Jeremy Raley, Superintendent, Goochland County Public Schools
School Board Member, Goochland County School Board
Elizabeth Nelson-Lyda, GEF Board President Emeritus


The GEF was formed in 2008 as an avenue for community members to donate their time and funds on behalf of the Goochland County Public Schools. In 2016, the GEF’s board of directors went through a strategic planning process, recognizing that the schools are limited by resources and regulated curriculum to provide much needed programming. As a result, the board revised the mission to secure funding to support innovative learning opportunities for Goochland County Public School students. In May, 2017, the board of directors hired an executive director to grow the organization through new programming, raised awareness, and increased revenues. Since that time, we have been able to implement a number of new programs to meet the needs of children in Goochland County to prepare them for an ever-changing and unknown global marketplace and community life.

The Goochland Education Foundation (GEF) exists today because of the vision and hard work of our founders. The GEF was formed in 2008, and today supports STEM and 21st Century skills as well as always working towards equity in education.

GEF Founders:
Elizabeth Nelson-Lyda, President Emeritus
William Quarles
Tamra Adams

Meet the three C’s behind GEF… working together for Goochland County Public Schools. We’re a small but mighty team!

Cyndy Brown, Executive Director

Cindy Williams, Accounting

Cindy Brown, Technology and Social Media