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GEF’s Strategic Innovation Grants program is designed to encourage innovative instructional design and support engaging learning experiences for Goochland students. The goal of this program is to encourage research and development on cutting edge instructional practices that will provide students with the critical 21st century skills and abilities that are needed for success in an ever-changing global market.


To honor the amazing work the Goochland County Public School teachers are doing this year, the Goochland Education Foundation offered each of the five schools five Meet the Challenge Creatively $100 grants for a total of 25 grants.

We know all the teachers are working hard and creatively to teach both virtually and in-school. The GEF wants to support that work.

The question to answer was “What would $100 do to help your students this year?”

It was a competitive process and the 52 responses were creative and inspired.

Thanks to a generous anonymous donor, every teacher who submitted a request will receive a $100 grant! 

The GEF is so very thankful for this support since this school year has brought extraordinary and unprecedented challenges.

The GEF Board and Staff continue to be humbled by the generosity of so many in our community. It is another demonstration of the wonderful and loving community Goochland is.