Strategic Innovation Grants

GEF’s Strategic Innovation Grants program is designed to encourage innovative instructional design, and support engaging learning experiences for Goochland students. Since 2017, we’ve funded and supported the implementation of more than 50 short- and long-term grant projects. The goal of this program is to encourage research and development on cutting edge instructional practices that will provide students with the critical 21st century skills and abilities that are needed for success in an ever-changing global market.

2023-24 Awarded Grants

Goochland County Public Schools superintendent Dr. Cromartie was on hand at the awards ceremony to congratulate and encourage the winners. “Congratulations to each of our Goochland Education Foundation Strategic Innovation Grant winners! The passion and creativity you pour into your lessons keep our learners engaged and energized. We cannot wait to see all the wonderful ways each of you will use awards to enhance your schools and classrooms. As always, I convey our collective thanks to the Goochland Education Foundation for its enduring advocacy and partnership. The GEF’s generosity supports teaching beyond imagination!”

Congratulations Grant Winners!

Marketing Beyond -The Grant For Our Future: Goochland High
This is a continuation of last year’s grant that reflects what was learned from previous experiences; and how the program can continue to grow as a School Based Enterprise (SBE).

eSports: Goochland Middle
The project will create an eSports room and opportunities for students through an eSports Team or eSports Club. The goal is to foster school connection and address chronic absenteeism.

Critical Thinking Classroom: Goochland Middle
Since the environment in which students learn is a vital piece to student success, the functionality of a critical thinking classroom demands alternative student seating options. The grant will fund new furniture to allow for the ease of fluid group tasks, flexible grouping possibilities, or guided instructional practices.

Digital Signage: Byrd Elementary
Grant funding will allow for the purchase of a large display screen in the cafeteria for use during student meal times. The screen will display engaging academic content such as the vocabulary word of the week, quiz questions, math problems, brain teasers, and more. Students will help to create the content. 

Learning with LEGO Spike Robotics: Byrd Elementary
This project will integrate LEGO Spike Essential Robots into the library curriculum to provide students with hands-on experiences in robotics and with programming. These versatile robots are specifically designed for educational purposes, and can be used across grade levels.

Shhh…. It’s a Secret! Byrd Elementary
The grant will provide professional development of The Science of Reading program which takes elementary school students from learning to read, to reading to learn. 

Classroom Calming Corners: Goochland Elementary
The purpose of this project is to set up cool-down kits for each pre-k through 3rd grade classroom with age appropriate cool-down tools and strategies. Students will be given instructions on how to de-escalate and grow self awareness thus helping them learn to implement strategies that help with big emotions and prevent inappropriate reactive behaviors. 

Time Travel in Goochland and Beyond: Randolph Elementary
Fourth graders will better understand the cohesiveness amongst the counties in Virginia during historical periods as they journey into the five districts of Goochland to cultivate a stronger understanding of their local community and its role in Virginia History. 

WILD: Randolph Elementary
Native plants and attendant materials will be purchased to expand the Nature Center on the school property.

Junior Reading Olympics: Randolph Elementary
This collaborative effort between the third grade teachers and the school librarian requires teachers and students to read the same books at the same time, then complete activities and assessments related to what has been read, and use the knowledge gained as an interactive game-type review competition prior to the SOL testing.

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