GEF’s Strategic Innovation Grants program is designed to encourage innovative instructional design and support engaging learning experiences for Goochland students. The goal of this program is to encourage research and development on cutting edge instructional practices that will provide students with the critical 21st century skills and abilities that are needed for success in an ever-changing global market. 

The Goochland Education Foundation is happy to announce the winners of the 2019-20 Strategic Innovation Grants. Eight grants were awarded, totaling nearly $15,000 dollars. Congratulations winners!

Tactile Library – Through a two part project, Goochland Middle students will create tactile books with an audio component. First, GMS students will record an audio version of a tactile children’s book. Kindergartners will then access the audio files via a QR code on the front of each tactile book. 

Exploring Engineering and Science with Lego WeDo 2.0 – Utilize LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 in the elementary school classroom to engage students in a STEM learning environment that is hands-on. WeDo 2.0 was designed around the Next Generation Science Standards to enrich science curricula through integrating technology, engineering, and programming into the four core areas of science: life science, earth and space science, physical science, and engineering.

Green Paws Farmer’s Market – In today’s changing world, citizens must consider their impact on the environment. After completing research on the impact of a growing population, limited resources, and sustainable nutrition; students will design an experiment to compare traditional vs. hydroponic gardening. The students will track their steps and record their findings.

ECCHO Curriculum Videos– Students will produce screen-captured videos with teachers, math specialists, and coaches collaborating with students and parents. Each video will teach a mathematical concept the way the classroom teacher would teach it in class, with his or her voice. The videos will not only be able to help with questions students and parents may have as they complete relevant homework, but also could be utilized for personalized learning, intervention, or enrichment within the classroom, or when the teacher cannot be physically present.

Taking Flight: A Multi-Age Literacy and Technology Infusion – The creation of videos serves as a coaching tool for teachers as they collaborate in their production. Latest pedagogical techniques, strategies, and mathematical concepts will be conveyed to our educators, deepening their conceptual understanding of content and, in turn, influence instruction.

Enriching Young Minds One Letter at a Time: ABC’s of Goochland – Pre-K students of Randolph Elementary will embark on a journey connecting their surrounding community with the letters of the alphabet they are beginning to learn. Over the next 3 years, the Pre-K students will visit businesses, schools, and meet community members to design an alphabet book using people and places throughout the county. The students will work alongside members of the Goochland Historical Society and students from the middle school to assist with the project. At the end of this venture, the students will have completed a book entitled ABC’s of Goochland.

The Day the Crayons Went to Middle School – Funds will be used to purchase a class set of Logitech Crayons for the Visual Arts Department of Goochland Middle School in order to elevate students’ digital art skills on iPad devices that are used by all Goochland County Public Schools students through the county’s 1:1 technology program.

Sensory Friendly Performance Kits – The Goochland Drama Department students and staff will create sensory awareness kits for a better theatre-viewing experience for autistic students that have high sensory awareness.