We are so thankful for you!

We don’t know about you, but we just might have figured out what we’re supposed to do and when with the safety protocols by the time the pandemic is over. Good grief… what a year. And 2020 started off really well with great expectations… then it all went pear-shaped.

Someone once said that a measurement of good institutions is the ability to successfully “make it up as we go along” during a crisis. Thanks to all our supporters, the Goochland Education Foundation was able to do just that. Once schools closed in March, we immediately shifted from our STEM and 21st Century programming to food security assistance and the technology required for education to continue.

The first priority was to ensure food security – breakfast and lunch for hundreds of students and their families from mid-March through August. This was critical because those students rely on the meals during the school year. In addition, given the sudden negative economic impact caused by the pandemic, the number of families increased. The schools did a remarkable job delivering the meals with drive-throughs at the school locations and with the food truck traveling around the county.

While we were working on that, we started looking at the next great concern – the technology needs for distance learning as the new school year approached. As the school division researched and discerned the best course of action for what school should look like, the GEF was communicating with them to create a plan to ensure that the required technology was in place.

As a result, through donations from corporations, foundations, individuals and churches, the GEF funded the cost of thousands of meals from March through August and hundreds of broadband devices with network data, four mobile wi-fi units, iPads and tripods for the teachers to teach virtually, and earbuds with integrated microphones for the students to participate in virtual class. These items provided the schools to be prepared to welcome students back to school.

Thanks to the extraordinary support from the community, our students sat down ready to learn from the first day.

We don’t know how long this will last, but we will still continue to provide the educational experiences and the resources our children need for success in what is an ever fast-changing global economy. This is especially true for our underserved population. It is imperative that we ensure they have the same opportunities other children take for granted. Probably the most valuable lesson all our children learn is that each one has talents and strengths that allow them to be prepared for an unknown workforce and to be productive citizens.

This pandemic brought home the gravity and immediacy of the demand for education to meet the changing technological environment in which we live. However, the schools can’t do it all on their own. That’s where the GEF steps in. As an independent agency with a mission to provide innovative and visionary education in the Goochland public schools, we are committed to supporting and implementing new programs to address those changes.

We’d love for you will consider supporting our annual fund this year. For 2020-21 fiscal year, our Annual Fund Campaign goal is $50,000. It may not seem like much to a lot of people, but it is always a daunting number to us and to the children and teachers we serve. Every single gift, no matter the size, is equally important.

What we value most is your participation in helping us keep our promise that each and every one of the children will have the tools to be successful in life. Please help us keep that promise. After all, when you look at these faces, you are looking at their future and Goochland County’s future – the future of every one of us.

To help us continue this important critical work, please consider making a donation of any amount by clicking on the donate button.

Thank you so much for your support.

Best regards,
Christina Griffith, President of the Board
Cynthia Brown, Executive Director

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