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This year was one that required flexibility in ways we didn’t expect. As we crept back into pre-pandemic lives, we were challenged with what that would look like for the students. They needed more academic support and more care and attention than was anticipated. Therefore, we worked with the schools to see how we could best help. Thanks to the support of all of you, we were able to meet that challenge.

We were able to maintain some of our programs, such as the essay contest (always a popular one!), the Strategic Innovation grants, which allowed us to introduce some new ones that directly address learning loss with a new reading program for first graders, emotional well-being for elementary students, facilitate the middle school students in their art projects, and provide high school students develop deeper understanding of their physical health. We also partnered with the high school to introduce Virtual Reality that provides a multidisciplinary approach to learning and one that is relevant in the world in which we live. 

We did this through the incredible passion and work of our board and staff to make sure we are staying true to our vision of “providing or expanding on innovative, visionary educational experiences designed to enrich and maximize the learning potential of Goochland County Public School students.”

While the work continued, we held the annual Gala in March 2022. It was long-awaited since the last time we were able to hold it was in 2019! It was a spectacular event at Dover Hall. It was so much fun to see everyone dressed up and ready to have a great time. We’re already looking forward to March 10, 2023, for a repeat! Mark your calendars!

Most importantly, thank you for your generosity in helping us meet the needs of our children while they continue to find their footing academically after two years of disruption. We cannot express strongly enough what a difference you make.

Please enjoy learning more about what we do in the following pages. Also, if you see your name, we hope you will take pride in being part of the GEF family. If your name is not listed, perhaps you’ll consider joining our family. It is only because of the GEF family working together that we can make a difference to our children’s education and their future.

Christina Griffith

This past year was one of high energy and excitement. As the schools worked on transition from the disruption of the pandemic to having everyone back in the classroom, it was great to be able to bring back some of our programs. We could get back to focusing on the work we could do to provide enhanced educational experiences and tools for the students. And thanks to our donors, we did that and then some!

Working with the Goochland Public Schools staff to identify areas that are necessary to address the learning challenges and learning loss caused by the pandemic is so critical for the GEF. We asked and researched what we could do to meet the needs of students and their teachers. As a result. there are some significant new programs that will help in important ways.

One of the programs we’re particularly excited about is the Virtual Reality program at the high school and middle school. Introducing VR and embedding it into the curriculum will help students increase memory recall. retain knowledge, benefit students across all spectrums of learning styles, as well as those with developmental and physical disabilities. It also helps students without access to VR outside of the classroom since it puts them on equal footing with their peers.

We did provide a Movie Night for all the GCPS staff at the beginning of the 2021-22 school year as a thank you for all they were doing and as an encouragement to help the children transition back into the classroom.

We were also very happy to hold our main fund raising event at Dover Hall. which was a huge success! Thank you to all who came out to support us. It’s important to know that none of what the GEF does is possible without the extraordinary support and commitment of everyone in the community. This event is our major source of funds and gives everyone who attends the opportunity to have fun with friends and neighbors and learn more about what the GEF does.

This past year reminds us of how generous and compassionate people are, and how everyone recognizes the importance of providing the best education for our children. Thank you!
Cyndy Brown

Donations in the form of checks may be mailed to:

Goochland Education Foundation
2938-I River Road West|
Goochland, VA  23063

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Honor Roll of Donors

Thank you! The Goochland Education Foundation is grateful to the extraordinary support of so many in the community. These gifts help us fulfill our vision of providing the innovative and visionary education our children deserve.

Gifts $10,000+

Carmax Foundation
The Community Foundation of Greater Richmond
Wilbur M. Havens Charitable Fund
Richard S. Reynolds Foundation

Gifts Between $5,000-$9,999

Dayal and Thao Baxani and 707RVA
Ground Force IT
Luck Companies
Darrell and Betty Martin
Rassaweck Ventures

Gifts Between $1,000-$4,999

Adrian and Zheni Avram (in kind)
Mark and Cheryl Barth
Cap Tech Ventures
Richard and Susan Carchman
Mark and Martha Day Dumas
Emergency Management Partners
Financial Financial Services
Joe Fowler (in kind)
Charlie and Jennifer Gates
Haley Buick GMC Airport
Linhart Foundation
Wray Mills and Ashley Sigrest
Douglas Mock
Elizabeth Nelson-Lyda
Rappahannock Electric Company
Reynolds Community College
Rotary Club of Goochland
James and Kim Starke
Timmons Group
Bob and Sandie Warwick
West Creek/Pruitt Companies

Gifts Between $250-$999

Christine Bali
Bankers Insurance
Cynthia Roe Brown
Crunch Fitness
Diamonds Direct (in kind)
Dominion Resources
Ray and Peggie Drinkwater
Employees of various state agencies
Family Vision Care of Richmond
Steve and Patricia Fleming
Vernon and Ann Fleming
Tom and Caryolyn Garner
Goochland County School Board
GEF Board of Directors
Goochland Drive-In
Gordon Brothers Construction
Ed and Christina Griffith
Adeeb and Charlotte Hamzey
Chris and Mara Hilliar
Kendall Hoffler
Delbert and Karen Horn
Huntington Learning Centers
lppon USA
A Lynn Ivey, Ill
Derek Jeffrey
Chris and Katrina Jones
Jurach, Tacey & Quitiquit
Adam and Kelley Kemp
Lacy Home Center
Jeffrey Lafond
Motley Farm
Orapax (in kind)
Elizabeth Ortuno
Precision Reconciliation Services
Michael and Judi Saxon
Claiborne and Becki Stokes
Joe and Noel Street
Towne Bank
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (in kind)
Marc and Marnie Warner
Tina Winkler & Red House Consulting
Cory and Kavis Winston
Betsy Woolf
XPO Logistics

Gifts Between $1-$249

Amazon Smile
Angela Allen
Jane Allen-Bowles
Dr. Andrew Armstrong
Sandra and Samuel Barkley
Mickael Benita
Chef David Booth and GCPS Culinary Arts Department
Linda Bowles
Vivian Bowles
Megan Boyle
William Bradley
Dorothy Brotherton
Bill and Suzanne Brown
Jeannette Brown
Kelly Brown
James Budd
Neil Burch (in kind)
Nancy Coddington
William and Cheryl Coleman
Richard and Linda Costanzo
Taylor and Frances Duty
Ryan Emmons
Joseph Fanelli
Ann Fisher
Stephen and Emily Geyer
Cheryl Gibson
Preston Gordon
Ryan Gravely
Bert and Beth Hardy
Robin Hillman
Hayne and Jennifer Hite
Lisa Hobbs
Carl and Caroline Juran
Ann and Mike Kelly
Michael Kelly
Joy and Michael Kline
Billie Jo Leabaugh
Jenny and Joe Liesfeld
Sarah Marshall
Peter Martin
Jeff and Kerri Nagle
Raymond and Danielle Pearles
Jennifer Phillips
Larry Proffitt, Jr.
Maria Pryor
Ruth Quarles
John and Elizabeth Ragone
Richard and Ann Ramsey
Thomas and Billie Reid
Randolph Reynolds
Richmond Symphony (in kind)
Grant Rissler
John and Fran Robertson
Dr. Robert Schooley
Jay and Mary Shively
Thomas V. Smith
Oscar and Jennifer Stern
Courtney Subudhi
Lisa Waldrop
Todd and Laura Walton
Bruce and Peggy Watson
Joe and Krissy Watson
Thomas and Hope Webb
Scott and Marci Williams
YMCA (in kind)

This list reflects gifts made between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022.
The GEF has made every attempt to ensure accuracy of this list. If there is an omission or an error. we sincerely apologize.
Please call Cyndy Brown at (804) 556-5627 so we can correct the error.


Thank you to the following volunteers for ensuring the success of GEF programs. We couldn’t do it without you!

Zheni Avram
Jim Barden
Richard Carchman
Dr. Richard Costanzo
Mark Covey
JoDe Davis
Dianne Demenit
Wayne Dementi
Tom DeWeerd
Ray Drinkwater
Chuck English
Vern Fleming
David Greenberg
Christina Griffith
Adeeb Hamzey
Robin Hillman
Tom Innes
Lynn Ivey
Kevin Kelly
Michael Kelly
Jan Kenney
Joy Kline
Justin Lacy
Becky Lillywhite
Dan Linnaberry
Kaitlyn McClure
Wray Mills
Michael Newman
Elizabeth Ortuno
Larry Proffitt
Dr. Jeremy Raley
Albert Regni
Rich Salon
Jay Shively
Mary Shively
Ashley Sigrest
Joe Street
Cassie Strong
Victoria Tiggas
Kavis Winston
Stephanie Wyche

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