Innovative learning with the Hy Tunnel

The GEF is happy to support the installation of a Hy Tunnel on the grounds of the Goochland High School near the greenhouse. The funds used are from the John H. Wright Fund, which is restricted for biology, ecology and agriculture programming for middle and high school students.

The Hy Tunnel provides the opportunity for students to plant in the ground and not in raised beds and control the climate during all seasons of the year. They can study crops because of the extension of the season. Imagine eating homegrown tomatoes in the spring! They will grow a wide variety of vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and celery and sweet corn at a time of year that is not normal for our climate.

They are also planning an LD50 (Lethal Dose 50%) project with lettuce plants. A corporation that has invented and is marketing a new form of fertilizer made from algae has provided the agriculture department samples and a round of petri dish testing to set up in the H. T.
LD 50 project-Lethal Dose 50 % – students treat agriculture crops with a type of environmental contaminant to determine how much the plants can tolerate and recover from as opposed to a certain amount provided the lethal dose. The students will use something as simple as salt water, which mimics drought, or something more rigorous like a heavy metal found in pollution. Acid rain, for example, they will use a weak sulfur dioxide solution.

By providing opportunities for innovative learning, the GEF is giving students different avenues to discover and learn so they are prepared for a changing global society.

Food Truck serves lunches during the summer to the county’s underserved students.

Thanks to the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Martin, the Goochland Education Foundation was a major contributor to the creation of a Food Truck to serve lunches during the summer to the county’s underserved students.

The program is funded through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), also known as the Summer Meals Program, which provides kids and teens in low-income areas free meals when school is out.

The school district used an extra school bus and through donated funds and in-kind support high school students worked and learned alongside professionals in various technical fields to retrofit the bus as food truck.

Once completed,  the school district held a “Name the Food Truck” contest.  One winner was chosen from each school, receiving a $10 gift card. The school district chose the winner from the five finalists, with a $50 gift card as the grand prize.  All gift cards were donated by a local business. The winning name chosen is “Sunshine Bus”.

The Martin’s and the GEF support this project because it serves our students on many levels – it promotes teaching real life critical STEM skills as well as 21st century skills such as creativity, innovation, collaboration and civic literacy while meeting a real need in our community.

This first summer of 2019, over 1,000 meals were served to our children and teens between June 10th and August 2nd.

2019 Teachers of the Year

Ms. Cindy Shelton-Eide, fine arts teacher at Goochland High School, was selected as the Goochland County Public Schools 2019 Division-wide Teacher of the Year. She will be considered with teachers from across the Commonwealth for the honor of being the 2019 Mary Bicouvaris Virginia Teacher of the Year.

Cindy Shelton
Mr. William Quarles, President, Goochland Education Foundation, Dr. Jeremy Raley, GCPS Superintendent, and Ms. Cindy Shelton-Eide, Division Teacher of the Year

Teachers of the Year at each school:

  • Mr. Glenn Hecker, Goochland Middle Teacher of the Year
  • Ms. Cheryl Johnston, Byrd Elementary Teacher of the Year
  • Ms. Stacey Wilson, Randolph Elementary Teacher of the Year
  • Ms. Sara DeLong, Goochland Elementary Teacher of the Year

The Goochland Education Foundation congratulates these teachers who represent the best of the extraordinary service and care the GCPS teachers and staff provide the Goochland County Public School students. We are proud to do our part to honor them.

Essay Contest Winners Announced!

The results are in for the “Be the Inspiration” essay contest! The contest was open to all fourth- and fifth grade students of Goochland County Public Schools, and was sponsored by Goochland Education Foundation in partnership with the Rotary Club of Goochland, and Goochland Pet Lovers.

First Place – Ayden Brown (4th Grade, Randolph Elementary)
Second Place – Cadence Pollnow (5th Grade, Byrd Elementary)
Third Place – Andi Slayton (5th Grade, Byrd Elementary)

Essay Contest Winners
Left to right: front row: Ayden Brown, First Place Winner, Cadence Pollnow, Second Place Winner, Andi Slayton, Third Place Winner, Sarah Perkinson, Vice Chair, Goochland Pet Lovers.
Second row: Robin Hillman, President of Goochland Rotary, Cyndy Brown, Executive Director of Goochland Education Foundation, Beth Ferguson, Ayden’s teacher at Randolph Elementary School, Deanna Nichols, Cadence’s and Andi’s teacher at Byrd Elementary School, Dr. Jeremy Raley, GCPS Superintendent
The 50 volunteer judges were members of the GEF, the Rotary Club of Goochland, and Goochland Pet Lovers.

2018 Teachers of the Year Honored

The Goochland Education Foundation took part in the school division’s annual Celebration of Excellence event honoring leading groups, individuals, retirees, and teachers of the year from the school division on May 2, 2018.

Pictured above: Cynthia Brown, GEF; Ms. Kelley Taylor, Goochland Elementary School, and Superintendent Jeremy Raley.

The teachers of the year included:

  • Simone Jones, BES
  • Kelley Taylor, GES and Goochland’s Teacher of the Year
  • Jaime Sprouse, RES
  • Patrick Gordon, GMS
  • Liz Alford, GHS

Talented Young Writers Honored

The Goochland Rotary Club in coordination with the Goochland Pet Lovers and the GEF sponsored a writing contest for area fourth and fifth graders. Winners of the essay contest this April included Callie Paul (First Place), Phoebe Parker (Second Place), and Joshua Gaskill (Third Place). Over seventy five submissions were made this year!

Student writers were asked to write about how Goochland was a great place to raise a pet.

Our thanks go out to all the writers and the support of the Goochland Rotary and Goochland Pet Lovers!